Diamond Clarity

The greater the clarity of a diamond the more brilliant it appears. Diamonds are graded according to the minute particles of mineral traces found in the stone. These are called “inclusions” and may be interior or exterior .The fewer inclusions the more expensive a stone. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. A carat is a measurement of weight, therefore diamond weight is calculated on the number of points pertaining to a stone, if a stone is 100 points then it has achieved 1 “Carat”. If the stone is larger than this being 215 points it would be classed as 2.15 Carats.

The Jewellery Warehouse believes in quality not quantity, therefore we pride ourselves in locating the best diamond for you. If you have a budget to work to then we shall adhere to your requirements, whilst still achieving maximum value for your money. Diamonds remain “A Girls Best Friend” and always watch out for the four C’s. The ‘Cut’ of a diamond is one of the most important aspects when determining dollar value. When the diamond goes through its grading process there are specific facets and angles (normally 57-58) in direct geometric relation to one another, these act as mirrors and reflect the light from one to the other. If the optimum internal light reflections of these facets are attained then the stone achieves 100% light return, also known as “Total internal reflection”. When this is achieved the stone will have maximum brightness or life! If the stone has been faceted not adhering to the ideal proportions and angles then the internal reflection decreases therefore decreasing the value and lustre of the stone.

The colour of a stone is determined by comparing it with an internationally approved set of master stones, which have been graded alphabetically from “D”, being Exceptional White + Down to “L+” with comparative colour shades in between this alphabetical scale. The colour is an important factor for determining the value of a diamond. White diamonds come in various shades ranging from colourless to tones of yellow or brown. The purer in colour a diamond is the greater its ability to reflect and refract light, thus a greater brilliance is achieved. A single increase or decrease in the colour grade can make a price difference of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the diamond.